Training Planner powered by Polar

Download your Training Planner powered by Polar here. Includes a 12 and 16 week training planner as well as the target zone calculator.

The training planner is designed to provide you with a framework (not a recipe) for your training allowing you the flexibility to create your own plan to fit in with your lifestyle and other commitments. Here are some additional guidelines:

  • determine you maximum available weekly training time - be realistic - this will be your peak week
  • aim for 5 - 6 training sessions per week with 1-2 rest days - frequency is key
  • your long slow distance (LSD) training session should make up at least 1/3 of your weekly training time
  • use the target zone calculator to determine your intensity zones
  • when in doubt favor lower intensity training sessions
  • only 1 session per week should be at higher intensity
  • target 7 - 9 hours sleep per night

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