Polar H9 - Useful for most users' needs

Easy to use and compatible with most common usage scenarios:

Use your phone as a fitness tracker - H9 + Polar Beat App or other 3rd party Heart Rate compatible training apps. This is a simple and low risk option if you're just starting to measure heart rate

Your device uses ANT+ - Enjoy the accuracy and features of Polar heart rate sensors.

The gym equipment and training platform can display heart rate - All sensors are compatible with Polar Club and Polar Team Apps. H9 and H10 also connect with most of the gym equipment via 5kHz transmission.

Polar Users - new and old - Polar H9 & H10 will still speak to your reliable older generation training partner. If it works for you, we're happy!

When using sensors with (Polar) wrist devices, you can enjoy improved accuracy and get more versatility.

Mobile SDK users- Ourl sensors are compatible with Polar mobile SDK which enables partners to build apps that connect with Polar sensors in real-time.


For more info, have a look at the product pages HERE